National Federation of Construction and Public Works (NFCPW) 

The Mohammed VI Training School in Construction and Public works wa born from a partnership between the OFPPT as a Training expert, and the Public Works sector professionals that are represented by the NFCPW. The first part brings its expertise in the field of engineering and training organisation, and the second provides its knowledge of the sector as well as the actual and futur market needs.

This close cooperation was extended, upon the instauration of the school, during the whole the construction phase, and is still currently continuing with the joint management of the school through bipartite board management as part of the management agreement between both partners.


Large Commercial Vehicles and Equipment Academy (LCVEA) 

Unique of its type on a continental scale, the Equipment Maintenance channel is considered one of the main channels of the school, required an important investment in training, installations, equipment and tools.

In order to succeed its mission, an innovative partnership was concluded between key operators in the fields of education and vocational training (Ministry of National Education, the OFPPT, industry operators (Volvo group, SMT), and players in cooperation and development (USAID, OCP foundation, and ONUDI).

The project being initiated in 2015, the Academy opened in February 2016 inside the Mohammed VI Training School in Construction and Public works.



In order for the school to facilitate their life skills training, enable their internship seeking, as well as their professional insertion, many agreements have been concluded with businesses. These agreement are a crucial point for exchanges allowing to businsses to contribute to upgrading training programs.