In a context where partnerships are being enhanced, and the scope of cooperation between OFPPT and United States Agency for International Development's Office (USAID) being enlarged, the USAID Deputy Assistant Administrator, Mrs Julie CRANS carried out a visit at the Heavy Equipment and Commercial Vehicle Academy (HECVA) based – Settat on Thursday 10 May 2018.

Besides the Managing Director Mrs Loubna TRICHA, accompanied by the Development Director and the Head of International Cooperation, the USAID Deputy Director Mrs Leanna MARR, the Development Specialist, Gender Advisor, USAID Morocco Mrs Nadia AMRANI, and the Country Programs Director Mr. Maximilien PIEROTTI.


The OFPPT works in conjunction with USAID in different projects, such as « Career Center » aimed at ensuring a better match between the OFPPT training programs while taking into account the changing requirements in key economic sectors, and particularly important sectors such as Public Works, Heavy Equipment or Tranport/Logistics.

As a reminder, the HECVA project results from a joint partnership formed of USAID, ONUDI, VOLVO, OCP foundation, the Ministry of National Education and Vocational Training, and OFPPT.


It should be noted that Mohammed VI for Training School In Construction and Public Works (MTSCPW) is a unique institute model in both African continent and Arab world, thanks to its hosting capacity, equipment and training programs covering all professions in Public Works.